Petitioning LAUSD Local District West Superintendent Cheryl Hildreth and 22 others

Keep Third Street a Neighborhood School/Stop a Charter from Sharing Our Space

We, the undersigned parents and guardians of students together with teachers, neighbors, and other community stakeholders of Third Street Elementary School, demand that LAUSD cease all interest in any charter school from petitioning to co-locate at our campus.  

Our vision at Third Street Elementary School is, in partnership with our school community, to educate, challenge, and empower our students to become productive and responsible members of a changing society by providing a rigorous, forward-looking, and nurturing environment.

Third Street School is a public elementary school located in Hancock Park, California. Part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the school has been recognized as "one of the 60 great elementary schools you should know about – public or private" by Los Angeles Magazine.

Founded in 1924, Third Street Elementary has gained a well-deserved reputation for its top-notch academics within a welcoming neighborhood setting. Whether it's the orchestra program, the science fair, a trip to Astro Camp, or just walking your child to school each day, Third Street School has its own extraordinary community that strives not only for academic achievement but also to insure a well-rounded educational experience for all children.  Despite its limited resources, Third Street school also provides music, art, and physical education that are no longer offered by many surrounding LAUSD schools, as well as provides an environment that is free of the bullying, gangs, and violence that is found at other campuses.

Co-locating at Third Street will absorb many of the classrooms that are currently used for music, art, drama, after-school and before school care, tutoring, occupational therapy, and physical education. It will create unnecessary traffic and will hinder our Korean Dual Language program which is continuing to develop, arts program, drama program, technology program, and library resources, which not only complements our unique character but attracts out-of-neighborhood families to the school.  Practically, it will physically divide the campus, which not only provides a nurturing safe haven for kids but serves a resource for Korean-speaking parents that rely on the school to provide translation and assistance for everyday matters.

By signing this petition, we stand behind the excellence of Third Street Elementary as a school and its importance as a pillar in the community and assert that the co-location of Any Charter School will not only be a disservice to the local children but damage the community in an underserved but unique and closely knit neighborhood. #ProtectThirdStreet


This petition was delivered to:
  • LAUSD Local District West Superintendent
    Cheryl Hildreth
  • LAUSD Administrator of Operations
    Ra’Daniel McCoy
  • LAUSD Parent and Community Engagement Administrator
    Traci Calhoun
  • CWC Board Chair and Parent Representative
    Josh McLaughlin
  • CWC Vice Chair
    Heather McManus
  • CWC Board Member
    Rick Esquivel
  • CWC Secretary and Treasurer, Parent Representative
    Stacey Rossley Staples
  • CWC Board Member and Parent Representative
    James Rosenblatt
  • CWC Board Member and Parent Representative
    Ina Barish
  • CWC Board Member
    Carl Christopher
  • Principal, CWC Hollywood
    Melissa Berman
  • Asst. Principal, CWC Hollywood
    Jamilah Ryan
  • Executive Director, CWCLA
    Mark Kleger-Heine
  • LAUSD Board District 4
    Steve Zimmer
  • Council Member, District 5
    Paul Koretz
  • LAUSD Board District 1
    Dr. George McKenna III
  • LA Councilmember - District 4
    David Ryu
  • LAUSD Board District 2
    Monica Garcia
  • LAUSD Board District 3
    Scott Schmerelson
  • LAUSD Board District 5
    Ref Rodriguez
  • LAUSD Board District 6
    Mónica Ratliff
  • LAUSD Board District 7
    Dr. Richard Vladovic
  • LAUSD Superintendent of Schools
    Michelle King

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