Bring back the credit/withdraw option for the Fall 2020 term!

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Since the beginning of this term in Fall 2020 Laurier hasn't done much to help its students. All it's done is give us empty promises that they're going to really do something but all they do is make it worse or keep it the same. So I propose that we use this petition to help students who had an even tougher time with online school, student who had grades lowered to Fs by false academic misconduct, students who have been forgotten by Laurier. We have to demand action from Laurier. So I think one way that Laurier could honestly help its students is by bringing back the credit/withdraw option but from what I've noticed is that they only ever listen to us when we create a petition so hopefully, they take notice of this. We have to hold Laurier responsible for not helping it’s students when we needed them the most.