Protect Our Neighborhood - Prevent the displacement of the women at BRC 85 Lexington Ave.

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Regarding the BRC Women's Shelter at 85 Lexington Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238

On December 4, 2019, our neighbors, the women of BRC 85 Lexington Ave. in our community of Bedford Stuyvesant were given 30 days notice they will be moved against their wishes to undefined location/s. These moves will begin next week!

In January 2020, BRC 85 Lexington Ave. will be repurposed as a Men's Homeless Shelter with a specific focus on housing only men with mental illness.

Neither our active and vibrant community, nor the women of BRC 85 were publicly informed of this change, nor engaged in any way.

We demand that a suitable public hearing on this issue take place. Our community needs to understand what actions will be taken to protect our neighborhood with this change in purpose, profile and needs of those proposed to inhabit BRC 85 Lexington Ave. in 2020. We must protect our neighbors, the the women of BRC 85 Lexington Ave.

We contend that this change is not in the immediate best interest of our community. We contend this displacement and inconsistency in access, programming and services is not in the best interest in the women currently being served at BRC 85 Lexington Ave. 

We demand that this change of use not be made.

Please join us in signing this petition to our City Councilwoman, Laurie Cumbo and write to her directly at