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Consider dropping speakers Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon, known plagiarizers, from your convention in Spring 2014.

UPDATE:10/11/13 Jason Groupp issued the following statement:

Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon will not be speaking at this year's convention. Thank you for your participation and signing this petition. Sadly, it worked.

UPDATE: 10/10/13 4:00 PM PST: WPPI is listening:

Please keep signing this, emailing, twittering, commenting and sharing this in your networks. Every time you sign, the above listed recipients get an email. They're listening, all right!


Recently it has come to light on the Photo Stealers Blog that Doug Gordon ( and Jasmine Star (real name: Jasmine Estrella Juarez De la Torre have plagiarized quite brazenly and continuously on their blogs, twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

We as photographers do not accept any excuses for people stealing our photos, so why would we think it is okay to steal words?  WPPI is supposed to be a professional organization, and as such has the responsibility to make a statement about whether plagiarizing is acceptable in our industry. That WPPI would have these people speak at their conference is a dark time for the wedding and portrait industry as a whole. It seems that WPPI has spoken by allowing these two photographers to speak at next years conference. The message is clear: we don't mind if professional photographers steal so long as they bring their audience to our trade show and conference. Money talks. So why should we as photographers continue to support an unethical organization like WPPI? It is not just WPPI: "In 2013, WPPI became part of the Professional Photo Group, which includes PDN, Rangefinder, PhotoServe, PhotoSource, IPN, PhotoPlus and Outdoor Photo Expo.  This group covers all platforms for professional photographers, including conferences and trade shows, contests and competitions, social networking, trade publications and more.Consider dropping speakers Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon, known plagiarizers, from your convention in Spring 2014.

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