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Take note stop selling real fur

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We, the undersigned, request that the South African online retailer, follow the ethical, international trend by going fur free.

Consumers were first made aware that Takealot was selling and promoting genuine fur in 2016. Since then, Fur Free SA, Beauty Without Cruelty (SA) and numerous consumers have contacted Takealot in an attempt to persuade them to take an anti-fur stand and remove the offending items.

While selling real fur products is legal, we argue that many people no longer view genuine fur as a luxury or necessary item. The use of animal fur for fashion and trinkets is totally superfluous, as there are many alternative synthetic fabrics.

The signatories below find the fur trade - where animals are viewed as commodities solely to make money - abhorrent. Regardless of the size of the fur item, animals suffered unnecessarily. Every year, millions of animals are trapped, farmed and killed in horrendous conditions. It is impossible to farm fur humanely. Intensive battery-farming methods are used where wild “fur bearing” animals are crammed into tiny metal cages. Injuries and disease are rife among these creatures. When deprived of the conditions essential to their natural lives, wild animals go insane and exhibit abnormal behaviour. To preserve pelts and lessen expenses, slaughter practices are merciless. Animals are anally electrocuted, gassed, poisoned, bludgeoned to death and even skinned alive. Only the pelt is used and a single garment can be made from many skins. Environmental hazards arise from the excessive amounts of ammonia, the thousands of discarded carcasses and the use of toxic chemicals to treat raw hides.

In countries with weak animal protection laws, such as China, millions of dogs and cats are bludgeoned, hanged, bled to death and often skinned alive for their fur. Under these circumstances it is cheaper to skin animals than to produce synthetic fur. Animal fur from China can be deliberately mislabeled as faux, and is often dyed and sheared. This fur is used as trim on garments or for trinkets. 

No compassionate person promotes fur fashion, which is why fashion houses such as Hugo Boss and Armani have recently joined the ranks of ethical luxury brands. Among other places, West Hollywood has banned the sale of fur, as have Australian department stores. Progressive companies, such as Woolworths have pledged to be fur free through the International Consumers for a Fur Free Society program. Many South African retailers have adopted a fur free policy - see @

Takealot has been made aware of the facts surrounding the fur industry, but communication has been fruitless. As Takealot has not been willing to listen to our concerns, nor review its policy regarding fur we are left with no choice but to boycott this company until it goes FUR FREE.

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