Voluntarily Disclose Convicted Child Rapists at Florida's Professional Wrestling Events

Voluntarily Disclose Convicted Child Rapists at Florida's Professional Wrestling Events

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Please Find Samantha Fiddler started this petition to Lauren Book (State Senator) and

We, the undersigned, respectfully request that professional wrestling promotions and entertainment production companies, when doing business temporarily or permanently within the state of Florida, to voluntarily disclose on their business social media accounts and other promotional materials when they knowingly contract, promote, sponsor, consult, lease venues to or from, or otherwise work with wrestling talents, ring/equipment providers, commentators/announcers, coaches, booking/talent agents, building landlords/managers, school advisors, and gym owners who are currently listed on any official national, state, provincial, or city sex offender registry due to active felony criminal sex convictions committed against children under the age of 16.

We politely ask the same consideration from the hosts and event planners at Florida public playgrounds, children's festivals, city youth centers, toy or school backpack giveaways, state and county fairs, National Guard armories, Catholic churches or other religious groups, and elementary schools that feature or host wrestling events. Some of those venues and public events are listed on the websites profightdb.com, wrestlingdata.com and cagematch.net.

An example of a voluntary disclosure regarding an applicable registered sex offender (RSO) may provide the following: the RSO’s legal and stage names, a relevant official registry website page, and main training gym. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement registry website can be found at offender.fdle.state.fl.us.

We request that these public notices be placed on all business social media, promotional fliers or posters, and show programs within 72 hours after the business relationship is initiated or contracted, and remain on all social media accounts for 60 days after the event of partnership has officially concluded.

If a business owner or event planner has a preexisting business relationship or contract with an applicable RSO that the owner or planner intends to retain or restart in the future, we ask for similar disclosure within 72 hours after the owner decides to continue or resume the RSO’s services or work, and remain as described above for 60 days.

If an RSO, as defined above, is contracted and on site at a wrestling match or event, we request that staffers working at the venue entrance and/or selling tickets to verbally notify customers who are attending with children under the age of 16 of the RSO's presence. If the customers have pre-purchased tickets and decide that they no longer wish to attend, we respectfully ask that they be promptly offered full and immediate refunds, to include any documented online transaction fees and parking charges.

The reasons for this petition are as follows.

  • There have recently been unproven but disturbing accusations in social media and books ("Searching For Samantha Fiddler” by Matthew Brown). We hope that everyone, including Samantha Fiddler and her three children, are safe and well.
  • Professional wrestling events are often enjoyed by families with young children, and are often used to market wrestling schools. There are unverified suspicions that some Florida promotions, when knowingly booking RSOs to performs or work their shows, have intentionally omitted their names from their advance marketing materials in order to avoid reduced attendance, problems with the venue owner, and/or adverse publicity. This has allegedly been frequently occurring for several years, and occasionally, more than one RSO has reportedly performed at the same event.
  • Wrestling instruction includes repeated physical contact among students and instructors, and sometimes they socialize with each other outside of the gym. An RSO has allegedly performed and marketed a wrestling school at public festivals and schools while concealed by a stage name and mask, and has interacted with minors at these events. Allegedly, the parents then paid for their children to take nonrefundable classes at the same wrestling school as the RSO and became aware of the registry status later. If this is truly happening and the ex-customers are angry at the perceived deception and/or that an RSO was allegedly making physical contact with their children in a wrestling class, it could harm the wrestling industry and Florida economy.
  • Because Florida's large wrestling brands are globally recognized, and its major wrestling events attract international tourists and workers, everyone is welcome to sign this petition, regardless of where they live. Our goal is to genuinely improve the public image and attendance of wrestling events and schools, thereby increasing opportunities and wages for the talented workers. The state has made vast contributions to international wrestling history and can have an even prouder, safer future.
  • We're grateful to the taxpayers of Florida for generously subsidizing major wrestling events and televised broadcasts that are staged in the state. Their substantial financial support could abruptly end due to continuing rumors of applicable RSOs interacting with children at these events without their parents’ knowledge. We don’t wish to see any county or Tallahassee authorities end all wrestling events held in tax-paid public spaces, including playgrounds and elementary schools.

The United States sex offender registry can be accessed online quickly and for no charge at www.nsopw.gov. Legal names of wrestling talents and promotion owners can occasionally be found on the websites profightdb.com, wrestlingdata.com and cagematch.net. Social media websites and Google.com are other free online resources.

Going forward, we courteously recommend that the remaining business owners or event planners who deliberately fail to report current RSOs disobeying registry requirements, or knowingly allow RSOs into spaces where children congregate, to consult with their own licensed attorneys regarding State of Florida law, Section 943.0435, which may be found online at www.flsenate.gov. Their lawyers may advise them whether they are at risk for their own felony arrests, as described in Subsection 13. Likewise, we politely encourage their consulting with business insurance agents to ensure coverage for any potential liabilities.

We welcome wrestling customers and workers, and the general public, to use social media to tactfully promote this petition and create awareness as to the wrestling events and businesses that continue to knowingly work with RSOs who have active felony criminal sex convictions committed against children under the age of 16. Suspected violations of Florida RSO laws may be reported by email to sexpred@fdle.state.fl.us.

A strictly social or familial relationship with an RSO, or any past business relationship with an RSO that has since been discontinued, shall not be considered relevant for the purposes of this forward-minded petition.

We kindly ask that Florida wrestling businesses and event planners voluntarily attempt the above by March 25, 2020, and then continue going forward. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

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