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Lauren Agee's wrongful death

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Lauren Agee, Hannah Palmer, Aaron Lilly, and Christopher Stout attended Wake Fest on July 26, 2015. They all stayed at a campsite, near a cliff side, in Smithville, TN near Center Hill Lake. One night during the three day festival, Lauren and Christopher Stout slept together in an eno hanging near the cliff. The next morning Agee was found dead, her body found by two fishermen fishing at Center Hill Lake. Authorities questioned all three of the friends, which they all replied with using their fifth amendment right to not incriminate themselves. Officer Ryan Melanson had spent some time with Lily and Stout at the scene repoting that the two seemed nervous and unsympathetic for the death of their so called friend.  Autopsy reports suggested Agee fell off of the cliff located near her campsite. The autopsy mentioned blunt trauma that consisted with the fall and possible drowning. Authorities ruled there was no foul play. Sherry Smith, Agee's mother, refused to believe her daughter's death was accidental. Sherry hired a private investigator to investigate the case, Sheila Wysocki. Smith hired Wysocki after getting a phone call from Ryan Melanson, a police officer of a neighboring county, stating that he believed Agee's death was not an accident. Wysocki looked through the evidence and questions such as where were the broken twigs, where was the blood on the rocks in the autopsy photos at, etc. started to rise. Sorting through autopsy photos, Wysocki found a photo of a bite mark beneath Agee's breast and there were signs of strangulation. The private investigator interviewed Hannah Palmer, a witness. Palmer stated no one reported Lauren missing because they thought she had gotten an early start heading to Wake Fest, and they might run into her later at the festival. Although, her shoes, wallet, and phone were still at the campsite. During the interview, Palmer received a phone call from Aaron Lilly. Wysocki stated during the brief phone call she overheard Aaron saying "stick to the story." Eventually Sherry Smith filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Stout, Lilly, Palmer in December 2016. On March 24, 2017 a judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to find Palmer guilty of the wrongful death of Lauren Agee. Since then a new witness, Chris Brown, has came forward. Read Brown's witness account here ( There is a new witness in this case that is able to testify what he saw the night of Lauren Agee's disappearance, bringing forth new evidence. This has turned into a two year old cold case and desperately needs to be reopened and reviewed in a more detailed manner by experieneced investigators. Sign this petition so District Attorney Bryant Dunaway will see this and reopen the case. He has the authority to bring in a new independent investigation. Give Lauren Agee, friends, and family the justice they desperately deserve. 

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