Launch the Undergraduate Struggle!

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York University is in a deep crisis which has been caused by President Rhonda Lenton and the Board of Governors. Already ten weeks into the strike, students, teaching staff and campus staff are suffering. We, the undersigned, are demanding that the York Federation of Students (YFS) executive take decisive action to solve this crisis.

We want the YFS to fight for:

  • A full tuition refund for all students (without requiring courses be dropped)
  • Free post-secondary education and good jobs for all
  • Abolish the millionaire Board of Governors to be replaced by democratic control by students, teachers and staff.
  • Support our fellow graduate students and lecturers who are on strike

We want the YFS to do the following:

  • Organize an undergraduate protest at the beginning of the summer term.
  • Organize an escalating campaign of rallies and walkouts, leading to an undergraduate student strike.
  • Hold an emergency members meeting of the YFS for the beginning of the summer term where rank-and-file undergraduates can democratically decide how to build the undergraduate movement.

We are rank-and-file members of the York Federation of Students (YFS). There are over 50,000 undergraduate students at York University who make up the membership and who pay dues to the YFS. This makes the YFS the largest student union in the country. The recently elected student union executive was elected on a platform of “free education” and “student strikes”. This is the time for undergraduates to act.

Rank-and-file members of the student union and the broader York community want to see action. We have already been actively organizing around the above demands. We are calling on the YFS executive to move into action, and we are prepared to assist the YFS in these efforts.

A Better Campus is Possible! Join the Fight for Free Education

This petition is launched by YFS rank-and-file members who are part of the Socialist Fightback club at York University. Those who want to get involved in building the undergraduate movement should contact us at:

Socialist Fightback at York University