Laudium, Erasmia and Claudius deserves answers - Power outages

Laudium, Erasmia and Claudius deserves answers - Power outages

November 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Thouheda Mansoor

Over the past few months Laudium has been plagued with vandalism, sabotage and poor service delivery from many parties. 

A quick calculation has shown that from the 3 November up until the 6 November 2022, Laudium, Erasmia and Claudius has been without electricity for a total of 31 hours. 

This is clearly a violation of human rights. 

So here are some facts we need to take into consideration regarding the councillors role in the community.


Councillors have to work to improve the lives of the citizens in the municipality and this is achieved through basic services.

Effective representation requires that the councillor knows and understands the needs and interest of the people in the community.

Councillors need to have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the main issues in their municipality.

They are the link between the public and the council and owe their primary loyalty to their public.


So ask yourself, Have we received records and reports regarding the poor service delivery by the council with regards to the frequent power outages?

Did you know that ward councillors can assist in making formal complaints or petitions as may be appropriate to submission to the municipality however we have never been informed of this process.

Did you know that while a councillor cannot directly instruct an official on how to do his/her job, councillors do have the right to expect officials meet accepted standards of service and can raise any serious concern with the council for attention by the relevant department. (So has the outages been reported to the relevant department and what is the feedback)

This petition to to get a clear and accurate understanding of the process, feedback and contingency plans our councillor has implemented to prevent or minimize the power outages whether it is vandalism, sabotage, pure negligence or lack of maintenance but is not load shedding. 

This is a petition for everyone that wants a better Laudium community. It also serves to communicate to the councillor that we deserve honesty, integrity and transparency. 

All of the above information has been sourced from a handbook for councillors so all the information is factual and relates to the role of a councillor. 

To conclude this petition we would like constructive feedback specific to the power outages. This has to be published in the Laudium Sun so that all residents have access to a hard copy or can view online. (NO WHATSAPPS)

If the community finds the feedback inadequate the community has the right to have the councillor serve a petition to the council on their behalf.

Remember for this petition to be valid and taken into consideration we will need the support of the residents. 

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Signatures: 1,962Next Goal: 2,500
Support now