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Save Floyd Lamb Park in Las Vegas from Expansion

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During these unprecedented times, our Las Vegas city parks are more valuable than ever, as a safe place to social distance and provide us a chance to connect with nature in a peaceful and uncluttered way. 

Floyd Lamb Park (FLP) is one of Southern Nevada’s natural oases, and is also Las Vegas Valley's most famous and historic park.  For those Nevadans who have lived here for a very long time, it's also known as Tule Springs. The community in Centennial Hills has discovered, that while we have been quarantining, Ward 6, led by Michelle Fiore, has been making substantial plans to turn the historic haybarn into an expanded private event complex for up to 500 people. Fiore failed to notify the community, various stakeholders, and adjacent property owners of these plans and she did not seek feedback or input from the community. We SUPPORT the restoration of the haybarn and OPPOSE transforming it into an event complex to be rented out for large Private parties and weddings.

This action will disrupt wildlife along with the peace and tranquility that we come to FLP to find.  We are asking our Vegas community to think about the future now and act to sign this petition to stop the City of Las Vegas from their expansion plans today. Your signature will help save Floyd Lamb Park and allow the community's voices to be heard. When we come out of this pandemic, we want to be able to safely visit our parks, but not at the mercy of having to deal with major private events, which will restrict YOU from areas of the park that are PUBLIC spaces. #SaveFloydLambPark

Thank you for signing. We will present this petition to Nevada's Attorney General, Nevada's Governor, and the Las Vegas City Council once we have 25,000 signatures.  

website: savefloydlambpark.org

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