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Stop the Human Zoo of Black People in Norway

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It is very sad that in the year of 2014 some people can have the idea of exhibiting people, any people - Human beings - but Black people in particular in a human zoo. Of course people who do that cannot claim to have the slightest knowledge of Black history and what such an exhibition means to Black people. A zoo is for animals, not for people. It is dehumanizing. What shall Black but also White children think when they see Black people in a zoo? It is just unbelievable.

It is claimed to spark a discussion on racism in Norway. Surely there are better ways than to re-create one of the darkest and most painful times of Black History.

Would the so-called artist re-create a live concentration camp with everything in it in Germany to spark a debate about Nazi's and Neo-Nazis? I don't think so. And besides - Germany wouldn't even allow it. Nobody wants to re-live a very painful time if not necessary.Therefore why would anyone think Black people would like to see a Human Zoo where they are exhibitioned? The so-called artists must think VERY LOW of Black people otherwise they would not do that. The so-called artists must question their own racism.

This exhibition of Black people in a Human Zoo must not, never ever happen!!!

Enough is enough!


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