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Clean Beaches, Make It Safe For Turtles In Time

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For my petition I’m choosing to help save endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Does this   name ring a bell? The Loggerhead is South Carolina’s state reptile. It’s being harmed mostly by humans and that’s NOT good! We can stop this! How? Keep reading and find out. You might also ask why this animal in particular, well I have seen the magnificent creature myself and it breaks my heart to see them dead and seriously hurt.

The main reason that the Loggerheads are on the verge of being extinct is because fishermen aren’t fishing responsibly. As well as, pollution is one of the main reasons Loggerheads are endangered. I researched different solutions involving the Loggerhead Sea Turtles, and since the Loggerhead Sea Turtle is South Carolina’s state reptile there are many different organizations for The Loggerheads. I’ve decided that my solution to Loggerheads is to educate people and neighbors on the beach rules. There will be three simple beach rules.

Beach Rules

1. Keep the beaches dark.
           Sea turtles are attracted to light. And if you have many lights the Loggerheads get off track to lay their eggs.

2. Pick up after yourself. DO NOT POLLUTE.
           Imagine you’re on the beach and you have a picnic basket. You need a place to throw away your trash. Instead of finding the nearest trash can you decide a piece of trash won’t hurt anyone. Well you are wrong. When sea turtles are going to the beaches to lay their eggs and there is trash some of them are eating it and getting sick. So please pick up after yourself  you will be doing sea turtles a huge favor.

3. Spread the word.
There are 7 billion people in the world and many don’t know about the Loggerhead Sea Turtles problems. We need to get the word around that Loggerheads DO matter. And we can help keep Loggerheads from being extinct. When you visit the beaches you wouldn’t want to see a dead sea turtle on the sand would you? No. Let others be aware of what’s going on.

*Note: These rules apply to ANY sea turtle. Not only will the Loggerhead be benefited by this but other sea turtles will too. I think they will appreciate it.


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