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Stop the plan to build a CVS store in downtown Sebastopol, CA


Sebastopol City Council members declared in a public meeting that CVS has lied, bullied and terrorized Sebastopol culminating in a lawsuit that CVS filed in classic Grinch-style on Christmas Eve 2013. After costing our city $336,000 in legal fees with no end in sight, the council decided to approve the project to prevent the city from going bankrupt with more legal fees. But they vowed to participate in a boycott of the current store at Redwood Marketplace as well as the proposed CVS.

We are on our way to a complete victory as Chase Bank has already withdrawn from their agreement with CVS to occupy the second building.

We will boycott the existing CVS store and “If They Build It, We Won’t Come!” to the store proposed for the busiest intersection in our town. Enough is Enough!
CVS is attempting to force its way into the center of our downtown just as they have done and continue to do in many other small towns across the nation.


                                 Join Sebastopol and BOYCOTT CVS

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