Larry Hogan : Liberate the AstraZeneca vaccine from the FDA!

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If Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan acts immediately and decisively, he can save thousands of Marylanders from suffering and death from COVID19. A facility in Baltimore produces the very effective AstraZeneca vaccine and has millions of doses sitting in cold storage. The vaccine has been approved in the EU and 19 countries and given to over 1 million people in the UK. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is holding that vaccine hostage to its bureaucratic red-tape. Under pressure from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, it appears the FDA has succumb to vaccine nationalism.

The FDA is not working in the best interest of Marylanders, and that's why we need Larry Hogan to act now!

Gov. Hogan has two options. The first would be to invoke emergency authority to take possession of enough of the AstraZeneca vaccine supply in the Baltimore factory producing it to meet Maryland’s needs. 

The second option would be for Gov. Hogan to instruct the facility to release the vaccine and inform them that the state will likely be able to guarantee no adverse repercussions from the FDA. There is historical precedent for this -- during the past decade over 40 states passed “Right To Try” laws that allowed terminally ill patients to access safe treatments not approved by FDA for efficacy. The only “repercussion" : in 2018 Congress passed bipartisan legislation recognizing the state’s authority to do so.

In parallel, we also ask that Gov. Hogan call President Biden and ask him to issue an executive order suspending the need for final FDA certification on the AstraZeneca vaccine.

More justification for making the AstraZeneca vaccine available now can be found here: