Create an animal crossing over Clara Barton Parkway

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My name is Jeremy Barnes and I currently attend Drexel University in Philadelphia. I am a Pyle and Whitman Alum and have been visiting home for the summer. Two days ago, I was driving along Clara Barton Parkway (close to where it meets MacArthur) and struck a deer which appeared out of nowhere. I was forced to go to the hospital but beforehand in good conscious had to check on the deer. It was gasping for air close to death, and because I was injured I didn’t have the strength to kill it myself.

I called multiple different outlets to let them know there was a dying deer and they all claimed it was out of their jurisdiction. At this point I was forced to go to the hospital where I spent the entirety of the day. I am a D1 squash player at Drexel, and with multiple muscle tears in my neck, shoulders, and back… and a concussion. It is safe to say that I will have no chance to play this season, which has left me in pain and devastation.

This is the second time I’ve struck a deer on this section of Clara Barton, about a year ago I was a passenger in a car that hit a deer in almost the exact same spot. I’m sure if you’ve driven along Clara Barton close to the MacArthur intersection you’ve seen dead wildlife, mostly deer. Whenever I see a dead deer I now understand that there wasn’t just a deer that suffered, there was a damaged car (let me tell you deer do a lot of damage, I will include statistics below), the physical damage due to the accident, and the psychological damage from the entire experience. Besides the physical pain, I still cannot get the sight of the poor deer gasping for breath out of my mind.

This petition is to pention the state government to build an animal bridge across Clara Barton Parkway (close to the intersection of MacArthur). Many places in Europe have implemented these animal bridges with huge success and the US is beginning to implement it more and more, in one example Arizona installed more than a dozen underpasses and overpasses near Flagstaff and Payson, built especially for roaming elk, the number of traffic accidents decreased 90 percent). I am pleading that you sign and share this petition. It normally takes a human to die before change is implemented and as I certainly could have died if things went worse, thus I am making it my mission to prevent this. This is an innovative and environmentally friendly way to decrease automobile accidents.

If there is any sort of advice you could give me moving forward with my petition, or any contacts you could set me up with that would be amazing.

A signature could save a life.

Thank you,
Jeremy Barnes
Whitman Alum ‘16

If you wish to reach me:
Cell: (240)205-4814

Deer crossing – Lives are lost and cars are damaged due to the 1.5 million deer accidents annually. Deer accidents send 10,000 people to the hospital and kill about 200 people per year. The amount of deer-related accidents in Maryland is on the rise, and accounts for more than $10 million in damage annually. If you live in Maryland, there are one in 114 odds that you will be in an accident with a deer at some point, this increases if you live in Potomac MD. One tried and true method of reducing the incidence of deer – related accidents is to provide them with a walk over on roads where accidents occur. Clara Barton Parkway (near MacArthur Boulevard is the site of deer often trying the cross the busy road).

To help animals navigate our fast-paced highway systems (and avoid turning into roadkill in the process), nature conservationists have started building wildlife bridges and tunnels, designed especially for critters. The earliest recorded man-made animal bridge was erected in France in the 1950s to help hunters guide deer. Since then, wildlife-crossing designs have spread worldwide, especially across Europe. Over 600 of the crossings are in the Netherlands, where they carry badgers, bison, and elk.

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