Reopen Capitol Raceway

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The Maryland drag racing community has lost 2 key racing facilities over the past 10 years and one of which is Capitol raceway the other was 75-80 where families from all of the state came to race religiously every Friday and Saturday nights during the warmer months. Now with the only tracks available to the Baltimore and surrounding areas is Cecil co dragway and Maryland international raceway which both tracks are 2-3 hours from the Glen Burnie area, some racers have taken to the streets and Anne Arundel county and neighboring counties have seen the rise in illegal street racing. Reopening Capitol raceway would not only lower the illegal street racing but it would be a safer environment for racing enthusiasts to come with their families and friends. The drag racing community goes back a long time, lots of legends have raced at Capitol raceway. Most racers and spectators count down the work week till Friday or Saturday so they can go to the track and race or watch cars race the 1320ft straightaway. Me as a fellow racer and being raised at the track as a kid it’s a Lifestyle that your born into and it gets into your blood, it’s also a great way to get children involved instead of them playing on smart devices. Now days with the showroom floor performance cars making a substantial amount of power citizens are gonna need a place to unload the power and instead of it being on public roadways and taking up police officers time and our hard earned tax money reopening or opening a track would be a great option. Thank you for your time and god bless.