Tear Down Sir Francis Drake Statue & Defund Central Marin PD!

Tear Down Sir Francis Drake Statue & Defund Central Marin PD!

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The Tam Equity Campaign demands that

1. The Larkspur City Council moves to tear down the statue of Sir Francis Drake who sold around 1400 people into slavery during his tenure as an English privateer.

2. City Councils of Larkspur, Corte Madera, and San Anselmo defund the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) by 20% and reinvest that money into county-wide public health services to better meet peoples real needs. We put a particular emphasis on using funding for behavioral health mobile crisis teams who can respond to mental health crises instead of police.

In regards to defunding the CMPA, These are communities have some of the lowest crime rates in the Bay Area and do not need a militarized police presence. Central Marin Police Authority has a history of violence towards people of color, and particularly those going through mental health crises. In 2016 they killed Silivenusi Pacelli Namato Ravono​ while he was coming off a psychiatric hold from Marin General. They blamed it on his “heart condition”. They are also currently being sued for shooting a young person of color in the spine while he was running away from them in Corte Madera. 

Now is the time. We need to tackle the big symbols of racism along with the roots that manifest them. Tearing down the statue and defunding the Central Marin Police Authority are the start we need in Central Marin.