School Board Representation for All Triads

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The LCSD1 School Board has members sitting on the board that have ties to both the Central and East Triads, but there currently is no representation for the South Triad. If this is to be one district, and these members of the community are to make decisions for the whole, should there not also be people who have ties to, and represent the unique position and community of South Cheyenne?

This is to gather interest in petitioning the School Board to make a "ward system" much like the Cheyenne City Ward Representatives. Each triad would get to vote in 2 representatives for seats on the school board, and then one or two At-Large representatives.

It is increasingly important that the South Triad is party to the process at the district level, and cannot continue to wait until the district decides to include South as pertinent to these decisions. It's been almost ten years and it has yet to happen. The South triad community needs to make their voices heard and understood so that everyone can benefit from a unified school triad system.

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