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Set new standards for Animal Control Officers

As an Animal Control Officer, it's their job to look out for the welfare of animals, which includes making sure breeding kennels comply with the law and helping homeless pets get adopted. But how can the community trust an officer to do that when they're running their own breeding operation?

Carla Frantz, newly appointed Chief Animal Control Officer, allegedly acquired popular small breed dogs and set up a kennel in an old barn located on 170 acres in Mussey Township located in St. Clair County. According to the minutes from the township meeting where she attempted to apply for a Hobby Breeders license, Frantz was commercially breeding and selling through a retail outlet.

Some things need to change in Lapeer County.

A Conflict of Interest Statement and Policy would protect animals by prohibiting Animal Control Officers from doing the following:

o Obtaining a dealer’s or commercial kennel license for personal or financial gain
o Obtaining a transfer of ownership by an animal’s owner to the animal control officer for personal or financial gain
o Giving away, selling or negotiating for the gift or sale to any individual, pet shop, dealer, or research facility of animal that may come into his/her custody in the course of carrying out their official duties
o Giving away, selling or negotiating for the gift or sale to any horse dealer or auction of any equine that may come into his/her custody in the course of carrying out their duties
o Accepting animals as shelter donations from kennel operators or breeders that are inspected by the animal control department.

Breeding animals for personal or financial gain is a conflict of interest for any county employee whose performance is measured by animal placement rates. A secondary interest in breeding would create an appearance of impropriety as it could result in a lack of motivation to place homeless animals and instead promote more valuable and marketable animals such as “puppies” and “designer dogs”.

Please help homeless animals in Lapeer County and protect animals in kennels by signing this position letting the Lapeer County Commissioners know families care about this issue.

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