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Three people were heavily involved in a young 14 year old boys death August 2019. They pressured him into taking a dangerous amount of drugs because they wanted to see him “messed up.”  They filmed him out of his mind, clearly in need of medical help. They laughed at him. They made fun of him. They joked about his death. They even posted pictures with the ambulance, treating his life as meaningless. These kids should be held accountable. They know right from wrong. They know what the number to call is for an emergency. Instead of using their phones to help Carson, they used them to belittle him by filming him and sharing it over social media. Carson is gone now. At the ripe age of 14, he is gone. When we are young, we experiment and do dumb things but we still know right from wrong. This was a form of bullying at its finest. Someone else’s life lost in the hands of others. Let’s make them accountable for their actions. JUSTICE FOR CARSON!