Stop proposed changes to Langley Park Secondary schools' admissions criteria

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PLEASE, PLEASE sign this petition if you are against the proposed changes to the admissions criteria for the Langley Park Boys' and Langley Park Girls' secondary schools.  The point of this petition is to underline to the Trust and our local MP and Councillors just how many people are going to be badly affected by what is proposed.  Please sign this petition AS WELL AS responding to the consultation directly - it's not enough just to sign the petition alone, but hopefully this petition will add strength to our objections.  The consultation response can be made at: You can read more about the issues involved below, and thank you for your support.

Langley Park Learning Trust (LPLT) is currently consulting on proposed changes to the admissions criteria for the Langley Park Boys' (LPBS) and Girls' (LPGS) secondary schools.  It is proposing to name the 3 primary schools in its trust as feeder schools for LPBS and LPGS, from September 2021 intake.  The three primary schools are Langley Park, Hawes Down and Clare House.  

These proposed changes will have a hugely detrimental impact on children and families in the areas surrounding LPBS and LPGS for a number of reasons, including:

1) The catchment for the LPGS and LPBS, both of which are heavily oversubscribed, will inevitably shrink by a considerably amount.  Priority would be given to 180 children in the 3 named primary schools, some of whom will live further from the secondary schools than children living locally (but not attending those named primaries).  This means some children who are currently in the catchment for LPSB and LPSG won't be able to attend their local schools and will have to travel much further to access alternative secondary schools;

2) There will be a negative environmental impact of children having to be transported to school rather than walking, due to the resulting increase in distances to their secondary schools. There will also be a consequential increase in congestion (particularly around LPSB and LPSG, where there is already heavy traffic) from children travelling to schools which are further away because they are not attending their local secondary school;

3) The catchment for other schools (both primary and secondary) in the surrounding areas will be consequentially affected, and it is likely that competition for places at other popular secondary schools (eg. Hayes) will become even fiercer;

4) There will be a knock-on negative effect on house prices for areas that are currently in the catchment for LPSB and LPSG, but would fall outside the catchment because of the proposed admissions criteria;

The end result of these proposed changes would be that children attending one of the 3 named primary schools (along with any siblings who would access the same primary school under the sibling rule) would have their education guaranteed from 4-18 years old.  This would put children attending other primary schools in the locality at a huge disadvantage.   

The alleged "compelling" reasons cited by the LPLT for these proposed changes (which are for the sole benefit of the children in the primary schools in their trust) cannot justify the devastating impact these changes would have for so many other children and families in the local area.