Lanes Granted: Organizing the Freeway/Highway systems in California.

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Lanes Granted

 This idea and concept was created by me, David Grant in June of 2011.

 SUMMARY:  The idea and concept is applicable to both Highway and Freeway systems and is designed to allow for more controlled, efficient and organized travel. This also decreases traffic congestion and rubbernecking.  It includes the remarking of lanes with new and more visible colors and installation of visual blockers on concrete and wood post medians, and includes the removal of all commuter lanes.

 The idea and concept of Lanes Granted came to me while driving on a Highway here in the Bay Area. I find that there is a great amount of innovations and technologies created here in the Silicon Valley, yet our roads, Highways and Freeways are atrocious to say the very least.  Our government has done very little to ease traffic, in my honest opinion. We have companies like Apple, E-Bay, Facebook, Google, Cisco, Linked In and others who have changed the way we use our phones, internet and computers forever. With this type of intelligence and innovation existing here, why not allow for the bright minds in the Silicon Valley to also make changes in other aspects in our lives.  No one enjoys traffic or the “Sunday” driver in the “fast lane” at any given hour. So let’s organize the lanes. Here’s how it works.

 Entering the Freeway/Highway from a city street, based on a 2 lane Freeway/Highway, all on-ramp lanes will be marked starting at 25 MPH, and depending on distance to actual Freeway/Highway, there will be marked sections increasing at a rate of 10 mph up to 55 mph with yellow paint.  Once on the F/H, the lane which appears and disappears is always 55mph.  The next lane to the left, which is constant, will also be marked as a 55 mph lane. The next lane to the left is 65mph with a 75mph max speed.


A F/H which have 3 lanes in one direction, speed limits will be 75mph with a max speed of 85mph in lane #1, 65mph in lane #2 and 55mph in lane #3.

 When there are 4 lanes in one direction, lane #1 is marked 85 mph, max 95mph Lane #2 will be market at 75 mph. Lane #3 will be marked 65mph and lane #4 is marked 55mph.

 When there are 5 lanes in one direction, lanes #1 is marked at 95 mph.  Lane #2 is marked 85, lane #3 is marked 75mph, lane #4 is marked 65mph and lane #5 is marked 55mph.

   All speed limits will be marked on the roadway, in each lane to help keep drivers’ eyes on the road and not off to any given side. All Freeway/Highway over passes and bridges will be marked at speeds of 55 mph in any lane due to merging with other traffic already traveling at 55mph.  In the rare case where traffic is merging onto the F/H on the left side, then the painted speed will indicate an increase or decrease in speed to match with the merging traffic.

 See example below. (1.a)


Vehicles which are traveling more or less than than 5 mph in any given lane will be fined $250.00 and $500.00 at 10 mph over posted lane speed.  At 15mph over posted lane speed in any given lane the fine shall be $1000.00 and $1,500.00 at 20 mph over posted lane speed.

 Upcoming exits on Freeways/Highways will be marked in respective lanes using paint to more efficiently show which lane goes where and what a particular lane is doing. For example: if you are traveling South on Highway 280 just passed Foothill Expy and just before CA 85 Southbound, S 280 is 4 lanes and quickly turns into 6 lanes.  The 2 lanes furthest to the right are carrying traffic from N. Foothill Blvd to 280 South and 85 South.  Lanes 5 and 6 will have the CA 85 S emblem painted in the lanes and lane 4 will have the 280 South emblem painted in it until the exit has passed.  The next exit is North Highway 85.  Painted in the exiting lanes from 280 South onto N. Hwy 85 will be:




CA 85

To date it is legal for motorcycles to split lanes to pass slower traffic. With Lanes Granted the will a special designated lane marked with lime green stripes in between lanes 1 and 2 only. These stripes will run along with the white stripes which separate lanes 1 and 2. The lime green stripes will be 18" apart (or 3 ft in total width) from the center of the white stripes. This idea build consistency for both driver and motorcyclists. This lane will also be used by emergency vehicles so that drivers will know that when an accident has occurred, emergency vehicles will use that lane. 

The fine for motorcyclists splitting lanes other than between 1 and 2 will be fined $500.00 for splitting lanes 2 and 3, $1000.00 for splitting lanes 3 and 4 etc.

Part of the purpose of creating this lane is to bring more order and consistency to our Freeway/Highway systems. It will create a “known lane” for the operators of multi wheeled vehicles where a motorcyclist may pass.

With Lanes Granted, there will also be an installation of Visual blocking banners place on all medians, be it concrete, wood posts, plastic or any other material used for traffic separation.  Adding VBB’s (visual blocking banners) will keep drivers on either side of the road system from being distracted from any possible accidents, automotive stalls, high-beam drivers and emergency vehicle stops on the opposite side of the road.   It is hard to slow down and look at something you can’t see.

  Lanes Granted was came to me after much thought about creating safer and more efficient roadways. It is also necessary to re-engineer most off/on ramps and clover leafs on/off the freeway/highway.  I’m my op, most on/off ramps and clover leaves are poorly engineered, both in road surface material and design.  That which I feel needs to be re-engineered are the now currently flat or very lightly angles turn or bends in the on/off ramps. It also to include a R/R (remove and replace) A/C (asphalt) with highway grade concrete. The reason behind the use of concrete is that in inclement weather, concrete offers and affords more traction to wet tires.  These bends/turns also need to be banked in order to change the center of gravity of all moving vehicles from a north south direction to a NW/SE bank.  This will force vehicles traveling through the turn into the concrete instead of a centrifugal force pushing the vehicle out and off the pavement. 

It is my hope and vision to see Lanes Granted implemented on the Freeways and Highways of not only California but the whole United states.  It has long been said via dairy commercials that California has happy cows.  I think it’s time California had more happy people.  I believe my system will help reduce traffic by 7 to 15% and allow for people to go from home to work or school or on a date with greater ease and less stress.  People who are less stressed tend to perform better at work etc, and lead happier lives.  The current Freeway/Highway system we have is outdated and NEEDS a major face lift.  People are no longer traveling at 65 mph but at 80 mph +.  Let’s put an end to traffic congestion and long hours in the car and get Californians where they need to go without holding them back.  Like Home Depot’s slogan; “Let’s Do This”!! And thank you for your support!


 Dave Grant

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