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Stop Using 5% Rabbit Fur in your Sweaters

Angora Rabbit fur is factory farmed. Angora rabbits usually live to be about 10-13 years old, but factory rabbits are killed after 6-9 months. The rabbits live out their short lifespans in cramped cages, inside dimly lit warehouses, in cages that have wire bottoms and hurt their little rabbit feet.

There is no good reason to include 5% rabbit fur in a Lane Bryant sweater; the fur is not necessary for a good quality garment. Lane Bryant has had a long-standing history of quality clothing and has the ability to create a high-quality sweater with no rabbits in it. Additionally, we would like to be able to trust that the clothes we buy from our favorite clothing store do not have torture in them.

For the love of rabbits, the 5% should go!


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  • President and CEO, Charming Shoppes, Inc
    Anthony Romano
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    Gayle Coolick
  • Executive VP, General Counsel, Secretary
    Colin Stern
  • Lane Bryant
  • President and CEO
    Brian Woolf

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