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The most recent deaths of children in an apartment building in Layton, Utah were associated with use of  insect poisons.

This petition is for the Utah Department of Health to:

1. Set up protocols to bar landlords from using chemicals in or outside rental properties, unless the landlords provide Material Safety Data Sheets which show all the pertinent scientific and non-scientific about poisons being used.

2. Set up protocols that authorize tenants to restrain landlords's poisoning of their environments without poison related leaflets. 

This is a safety issue, in fact a choice between life and death.


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Letter to
Utah Department of Health, Executive Director David N. Sundwall, Dr.
Utah Health Information Network, President, CEO Jan Root, Dr.
Health Informatics, Director Wu Xu, Dr.
The recent deaths of children poisoned by pesticides is the most difficult way to learn.

Clearly not all rental property owners are careless about poison handling, but for those who are, we still have a problem.

Please provide or facilitate provision of:

1. Standards to bar immediately use of poisons in or outside rental property unless the property owner provides all of the information (MSDS) pertaining to poisons to be used. As you well know this information will be required in case of accidental poisoning.

2. Protocols that authorize tenants to restrain landlords's poisoning of the environment without poison related MSDS. For example if a landlord sprays poison on trees or lawns without notice, a tenant should have a helpline to call for immediate assistance whereby a response team will come out to assess the situation.

No one should wait to be poisoned. Please compel landlords to issue with immediate effect MSDS to tenants before they use poisons anywhere on their properties.

If we cannot learn from the death of a child, how else can we learn?


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