Change the Landlord & Tenant Act

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Or should we say TENANT PROTECTION ACT ?? !! 

The Landlord and Tenant Board does NOT PROTECT landlords in any form. Tenants are taking over the business and landlords have no options to run a business any longer.

Tenants can get away with non payment of rents, damages, late rent and more! It's not fair and something has to be done to speed up the process for eviction all the while eliminating the cost to landlords.

When a tenant does not pay rent, WHY does a landlord have to wait 14 days for an N4 after it's been served and wait again another 21 days for an L1 and pay $190 filing fees, plus paralegal costs and still wait for a tribunal date?


At the tribune, the tenants have the right to mediate a payment agreement while the homeowner's mortgage payments have not been paid, utility bills are behind and credit cards are charged. They even have to file a sheriff eviction at an additional cost of $375 if the tenants do not move after the hearing. This is a business at the highest level and must be changed.

We want to show the Ontario Government that this process needs to change, and Ontario Landlords need more rights to protect their investments. Let's show them, that we are serious.

WE STRONGLY VALUE GOOD TENANTS! The bad tenants are changing this business. More landlords are dropping out while others are tightening their standards.

We ask that ALL LANDLORDS and GOOD TENANTS please sign this petition. We promise to keep our end of the deal and follow through to see our clients, non clients and fellow landlords get the respect they deserve.

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