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Calling for Urgent Action to Lift the TNVS application Suspension

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To our dear TNVS passengers and TNVS community members

You the riding public know that the LTFRB wants you to get the most convenient mode of public transportation

You, the riding public know that the LTFRB has the mandate to provide you the safest ride that will take you from point A to point B.

You, the riding public is grateful that the LTFRB need to provide you the best of options for your daily commute.

You, the riding public know that you have found it and have been enjoying its services.

You know that even though the TNVS platform isn’t perfect yet, it is where you feel safer and more convenient compared to other transportation platforms.

  • It is where you are not worried if you accidentally leave your belongings in a TNVS vehicle.
  • It is where you are confident your loved ones will be picked up and dropped off safely to where they need to go.
  • It is where you are confident that when a violation has been committed that accountability will take place.
  • It is the transportation platform in which you know that as riders your voice and opinion matter as you are part of the TNVS community.
  • Where you are considered as members, real people with real lives rather than just a number.

With the suspension of the TNVS application which will take its anniversary this July 2017, what you have been enjoying and supporting could come to a halt and take you back into the era in which convenience, safety and accountability was just a day dream.

As it is a fact that the platform’s fare pricing is based on supply and demand, if we do not lift the suspension for TNVS application, the supply won’t be enough to keep up with the demand and price surges will be inevitable.

As part of The LTFRB’s mandate, fares should be fair enough as to its premium service.

This petition is to call on the LTFRB to lift the TNVS application suspension and let our drivers and operators get the legal permits to continue providing the best service that you as the riding public need.

By signing this petition, we humbly ask the LTFRB’s kind office to give the TNVS  platform the chance to be better than what they have already been providing as good service.  No industry will improve if not given the chance to perform.

Although we appreciate the practice and importance of regulation, the suspension doesn’t help us improve it.

The TNVS Drivers, operators and co-passengers need your help by signing on this petition. We send our thanks in advance.


We the undersigned, the riding public, the TNVS community members appeal to the office of the LTFRB to lift the TNVS application suspension urgently, continue processing their Provisional authority papers, grant the certificates of public convenience and allow the app-based ride hailing transportation platform to grow and be part of the solution to the LTFRB’s mandate.

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