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Stop the use of animal testing on their products

My name is Melanie. I am an average 16 year old with a vision. Like many others, this vision is change. I became a vegetarian about 8 years ago, and has always had a big interest in animal rights.
Technology today is drastically improving, and so should the treatment of harmless animals. Over 9,000 animals die a day from torturous testing on cosmetics, medicine and ect. In these labs, animals such as mice and rats are kept in small clear boxes the size of a shoebox. Sometimes they are kept alone, and other times, more than one is kept in these boxes. Animals such as dogs, cats, and pigs are kept in cages. These sad animals are kept alone locked in their cages all of their lives, except when they are used for experiments.
Many cosmetic brands that we love and use are the ones committing these horrible actions, including one of my favorites, Lancome.
Lancome is a brand that demonstrates elegance, class, and care for your beautiful skin. I used to buy every product I needed from them. From mascara, to face wash, to foundation, to eye cream, I would buy it all. Until, I found out they tested on animals. This was the last straw, no more torturing these poor and precious animals!
If you want to see the kind of torture I speak of, simply go on, and search animal testing. If this doesn't anger you, nothing will.
Many 16 year olds think that they do not have a voice to make a difference, and until recently, I was one of them. As I said, I have a vision. Change. I want to stop this horrible testing and continue to use the products I once loved and have stopped using because they are tested on animals. I want the animals that have been stuck in cages their whole lives to finally see the sunlight, and most importantly, I want the animals that have been born to be tortured in labs, to be born to be loved and to die with old age in the arms of a loved one or owner. Please, help me make change and stop the use of animal testing on Lancome products, and hopefully stop animal testing in as many cometic brands as possible. Help me by signing this petition and spreading the word.


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