Allow the Massive Wagons' "Full Nelson" mural to stay on The Pub

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Massive Wagons are a hardworking band who have grafted for years to build a successful musical career with no financial backing and just the love of their fans to help them along.  They're now signed to a record label and going from strength to strength.

To celebrate their achievements, their local venue, The Pub in Lancaster, agreed to allow a mural of their upcoming album art to be painted on their gable end.  The Pub is where everything began for the band so what better way to celebrate the new era of Massive Wagons?

Lancaster City Council have now decided that this needs to be removed as they have classed this piece of artwork as an advertisement and have advised the relevant planning permissions aren't in place.  There was no knowledge that this would be classed as an advert as there are no release dates etc on the mural, just the artwork itself.  This was purely done as a celebration of the success of "local boys done good".  The council have advised this needs to be removed by the end of the July.

We're asking the council to think about this decision and reverse it.  Of course the guys are more than happy to co-operate and apply for the relevant permissions now they've been made aware of them as they're confident of success but we want the mural to remain whilst this happens.  A lot of time and effort has gone into the artwork and to remove it would just be a tragic loss.

The Rock Fairy x