Save Haslingden Cemetery

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Help us save Haslingden Cemetery.

Rossendale Borough Council have made an application to relocate 6 bin collection vehicles to Haslingden Cemetery. These 5 tonne trucks will be stored in the far west side of the Cemetery close to our deceased family & friends. They will require access through the main entrance and along the top lane of the Cemetery; a lane which currently has difficulty managing relatives personal cars. 

These trucks will frequently use the Cemetery for access throughout the day. It seems YOU will be required to move your vehicle to allow them access. 

Our Cemetery is a place of remembrance & peace, a time we get to be alone with our loved ones. For me personally, it is where my brother is laid to rest, who passed away when he was 2 years old. His burial site is next to the lane at the far west side of the Cemetery. Many other Haslingden residents visit our Cemetery on a daily basis. These trucks will damage our lanes & headstones, causing disruption & damaging a sacred place we strive to ensure is clean & peaceful. 

We need to let our council, MP’s and local councillors know we will not stand for this. We will not allow our loved ones to be disrespected & their burial place be dishonoured and used as an operating centre for our bin lorries. A Cemetery should be used as just that, a Cemetery.

I ask that you sign this petition, not only for the people laid to rest at Haslingden Cemetery but for ourselves who may be laid to rest there in the future.