Suspend In-Person classes at Langara College

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As one of the most multicultural learning centers in British Columbia, Langara is on stand by for an outbreak of COVID-19. As Langaras' students frequent all parts of the globe, it's no longer a matter of "if", but "when" this virus will spread throughout our college. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared COVID-19 as a Pandemic, and many municipalities have shifted to prepare for the impacts of the virus, and its' containment. The British Columbia Health Minister Adrian Dix, has now declared B.C as 'high risk'. As well as Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu, predicting as many as 30-70% of all Canadians to become infected with COVID-19. 

With 130,000 cases worldwide (and counting), Canada is now officially at 150+ and although  the number of instances in BC is relatively moderate (50+), it is just a matter of days to see this number multiply - just as we've seen in other major cities around the globe. So, why are Langara Campus's doors still open? 

The virus may not fully harm those with healthy bodies and strong immune systems. Still, it harms individuals like me who have an underlying heart condition. I will tell you now, I am scared. 

I am scared that people are not practicing proper hygiene - despite being the most talked about subject among us today. COVID-19 does not only effects Langara Students, Faculty and Staff, but it is about the people we may take this virus home to. It's a threat to the ones already hiding, in quarantine: the elderly, the weak, and those that have an underlying health condition. As I have. 

I ask Langara to be a leader in this situation and move towards an online platform for the remainder of the semester. I understand that this transition is complicated, but the heath of Metro Vancouver should be a priority. We can prevent the spread of the virus, just as many other universities and colleges are in North America, by concluding to campus closures to avoid the spread. 

It is hard to be in an environment where everyone is living in fear. When one coughs, we all step back. This is dehumanizing, and it can all be avoided by staying home. This fear has taken away the quality in which I am able to learn, as well as for those around me. We are all scared. 

I ask the college to act on this matter immediately, as this is of dangerous concern to our student body. 

Also, please fill this survey out for COVID-19 If you have time.

Thank You,
Langara Student

My identity will remain anonymous as I  unfortunately fear in today's time raising concern over our heath to a education institution can still, unfortunately, lead to academic probation.

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