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Lambeth 'the cooperative' (sic) Council: Stop the co-op housing evictions !

Lambeth Council is forcing people from their homes of up to 40 years, homes they have struggled to improve and bring up from a derelict state to a liveable one.

We believe this is an outrage.

Families and vulnerable people, including elderly residents, are among those threatened with eviction from their housing co-op homes which Lambeth (a so-called 'co-operative council'!) then sell-off. 

This disposals policy is to make up for a shortfall in Lambeth's budget, due in part to years of fraud and mismanagement in Lambeth's housing department.

Whole communities are being wiped off the map. This is no way to raise funds.   Send a message to Lambeth, and all Local Authorities, that money grabbing on resident-improved properties is shameful and should be illegal.   It is time to stop this social cleansing, please help us protect those at risk by signing this petition.  

For more information please click on this link to Lambeth United Housing Co-op.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Leader, Lambeth Council
    Lib Peck
  • Executive Director of Housing, Regeneration and Environment, Lambeth Council
    Sue Foster
  • Chief Executive, Lambeth Council
    Sean Harriss
  • Chair of Housing, Lambeth Council
    Matthew Bennett

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