Stop the demolition of our footbridge

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From the busiest station in the UK (Waterloo) there is currently a footbridge over the busy York Rd to the much-used South Bank area.

The footbridge has just re-opened having been closed while the developers on the South Bank side of York Rd constructed new steps and a lift down. The lift is just being finished. So soon it will be even better for people with disabilities and parents with buggies as well as for the numerous school parties, tourists, workers, patients going to St Thomas's etc to cross above the road at station concourse level and then come down on their destination side. Quickly and safely. The footbridge is very busy. 

BUT the developers of Elizabeth House on the station side do not want to create room for the bridge through their proposed new building and have applied for the footbridge to be demolished. (Lambeth Planning Application 19/01477/EIAFUL.).

They argue that this is because Lambeth and TFL planning policy is that that people should always cross roads at ground floor level - never over or below. It is a traffic calming measure. In this case the traffic would include ambulances to St Thomas' A&E department (there is no longer an A&E at Guys' Hospital) and buses serving the station. Anyway why should pedestrian needs be secondary? Leave pedestrians with a choice.

The creation of the footbridge was an act of respect to pedestrians many years ago. The entry to the bridge on the station side is flat as the bridge is at concourse level. The developers on the other side of the road have just updated the bridge so you can get down by lift. Anyone who prefers to go to ground level first and then cross the road can do so. If the bridge remains there is a choice and those who prefer not to be held up, or to keep their excited kids, who have been cooped up in the train, away from a busy road or just want to simplify their journey could continue to reach the South Bank by the footbridge. 

Ask Lambeth Planners to respect pedestrian and wheelchair uses choice. Keep the footbridge!