Protect Dorchester Court - Save our Community

Protect Dorchester Court - Save our Community

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Dorchester Court, built in the Art Deco period, is a Grade 2 listed estate in Herne Hill, south London, and is owned by one of the UK’s richest landlords. However, due to 50+ years of neglect and mismanagement, it is now on Historic England’s 'Heritage at Risk' register. 

We, the residents of Dorchester Court, have been fighting to get something done about the awful condition of the buildings for decades. but now, instead of fulfilling his duty and renovating the estate, the landlord has submitted a planning application to build on it.

His application includes adding 16 more flats on top of the existing buildings, removing nearly all of the recreational roof spaces, which have been lawfully declared as communal amenity spaces, as they were originally designed to be.

Amazingly, the application contains no meaningful commitments to fix the existing structural problems – at all.

And that’s not all - If permission is granted it will mean the eviction of 65% of the community. Nearly all the renters will be thrown out to make way for the works!

The residents of Dorchester Court are objecting to this plan. The proposed works will destroy our community, damage the integrity of this beautiful, listed building, and profits only our multi-millionaire landlord.

We say that the renovation works are the landlords’ legal duty, should be carried out immediately, and without the unnecessary development works.

If you agree with us, and you live in Lambeth, please sign this petition.