Change the St Matthews Low Traffic Zone Closure

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As you may already be aware, Lambeth Council have used emergency Covid-19 legislations to close St Matthews Road to through traffic to encourage cycling, aid social distancing and help with pollution and emissions.

This road closure is already having a detrimental effect on most of the residents. Journeys to work for key workers have become longer, traffic has now been pushed onto Crownstone Road, Effra Road, while Brixton Hill northbound is a complete nightmare. The traffic light system on Effra Road has not been changed so it still only let's a few cars through at a time, meaning if you are coming off St Matthews Road, it can be near impossible to pull on to St Matthews main road.

Some residents at the bottom of St Matthews Road won't be able to get out of the road should there be any road closures of St Matthews Road onto Brixton Hill, which has happened previously due to accidents or burst water mains. For those that live at the top end of St Matthews, they now have to sit in heavy congested traffic on Brixton Hill which has been made worse by works and the demolition of Olive Morris House. For those living in properties that back onto Effra Road, they will be subject to further emissions coming from Effra Road.

While it is a good thing for the road not to be used as a rat run, residents should be exempt from the closure and should be able to drive through using ANPR. It has had a knock on effect on the local church on the road, elderly residents, people who visit those residents, people with mobility issues, the community centre. This could have been prevented if residents were consulted well before adding the closures.

If you disagree with how this was implemented and the road closures affect you then please sign this petition.

Also, please do email Lambeth Council of your concerns.