Stop Lambert Peat Moss from destroying our land.

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Our land is sacred. We rely on our land to sustain us. Our wildlife and way of life depends on preserving and protecting our land. Lambert Peat Moss wants to destroy the land, clear-cut it and then take our valuable natural resource for their financial gain. This will completely alter the landscape for many generations. Draining the peatlands will increase the risk and occurrence of wildfires. Their project is to last a minimum of 80 years. How many years would it take to recover almost 2000 hectares of land at 10 years per centimeter?

The Seventh Generation Philosophy:

It’s a concept that means, in practice, that when you sit down to make a decision, you think about how that decision is going to affect seven generations into the future.

So please, for our children and our children's children, sign our petition to stop this project. 

Here is the link to their website outlining the details of the project. You may also fill out their survey.