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Do NOT hire Dave Daubenmire

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Dave Daubenmire is a man so obsessed with a domineering vision of masculinity that he encourages bullying, particularly when it is directed at homosexuals.  Further, he argues that not allowing Christians to bully gays is a form of bullying, and that this is only one of many reasons America has been "sissified."  In his own words: "The whole bullying idea is built around the Homosexual Agenda, to try to get people not to criticize or make fun of or poke fun at homosexuals." (Source: the video shown within the petition)  

This expectation of bullying shapes his worldview as well.  "America operates, always, with the bullies winning!"  According to Dave, the only way to fix America is to make its youth toughen up, to realize their masculinity and their (assumed) religion is under attack from the "leftist agenda".  (Daubenmire's own website.)  

This video is not the first time Mr. Daubenmire has taken questionable action in the name of religion.  Notably, in 1999, the school district where he worked (in London, Ohio) was sued by the ACLU for forcing students to pray and passing out religious information (ACLU press release). Since that time he has argued that his First Amendment rights were violated and has attempted to sue the school district and parents who reported his illegal behavior for slander and libel.  It is apparent that this experience did not faze him, as in 2013 he was fired from his position at a Christian school for "telling the truth" (His own take on the event and the local newspaper's article). 

There are strong reasons to believe that Mr. Daubenmire is the leading choice for this position.  Hiring Daubenmire to work with kids sends a strong message that only radical conservative, Christian, heterosexual males matter to that district.  Tell the Lakewood Local School District that fair and safe schools are far more important than winning football games. Tell Daubenmire that bullies do not always win.  Urge the district to choose another coach.

The Lakewood Local Board of Education meets on the second Wednesday of each month in the Lakewood High School Library (9331 Lancer Rd. S.E., Hebron, OH  43025) at 6:30 P.M. unless otherwise noted.

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