City of Lakewood California Quit Using Toxic RoundUp on our Nature Trail and in our Parks

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The state of California has recently added the key ingredient of RoundUp to the list of known carcinogens.

Grounds workers are instructed to continually spray the toxic herbicide Round up on "weeds" along the West San Gabriel River Nature Trail and in our Community Parks. This practice needs to stop. Not only is it toxic to all the wild life touted by the city as frequenting the trail but it seeps into ground waters.  Reclaimed water is then sprayed on all the vegetation. Our children and local athletes are being exposed to carcinogens.

Toxic effects of glyphosate and Roundup include disruption of hormonal systems and beneficial gut bacteria, damage to DNA, developmental and reproductive toxicity, birth defects, cancer, and neurotoxicity.

Roundup and other glyphosate herbicide formulations have never been tested or assessed for long-term safety for regulatory purposes. Only glyphosate alone was tested. Even the industry tests on glyphosate alone revealed toxic effects, including malformations.

The endocrine disruptive effects of glyphosate and Roundup are most worrying, as they manifest at very low doses and can lead to ill health when exposure takes place over long periods of time.

The GMO industry claims that glyphosate is non-toxic to animals and humans because they lack the shikimate biochemical pathway present in plants. This is false, as glyphosate also affects other pathways that are present in animals and humans.

Claims that the Roundup used on GM Roundup Ready crops replaces more toxic herbicides are misleading. The toxicity of Roundup and glyphosate has been underestimated, and the failure of Roundup Ready technology due to resistant weeds has resulted in farmers using mixtures of herbicides to control weeds. The industry has responded by developing GM crops that tolerate other, potentially even more toxic herbicides, such as 2,4-D, an ingredient of Agent Orange.