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The city code of Lake Worth, Florida currently disallows residents to keep any type of live poultry on residential land. A growing number of Lake Worth residents, as indicated by their support of a Facebook page entitled "Lake Worth Chickens", are seeking to ammend that ordinance to allow laying hens.

The opposing argument to the ordinance has four main bullet points: 1)Chickens make noise  2)Chicken manure has an odor  3)Chicken feed attracts vermin  4)Chickens carry diseases that are communicable to humans

1) Audible sound is not limited to hens, it is also a feature of any of the other animals that you can legally posess. Furthermore, the sound of a hen is relative to the light of the sun; They are awake when they see the light of day (which is controlled by the time at which the owner opens the coop) and they are asleep when the sun sets. Thus, chicken noise would be limited to the times of day when you could expect to hear garbage trucks, home renovations, landscaping, music from bars and a cacauphony of other sounds that we have come to accept as "city noise". Excessive noise (of any kind) should fall under another ordinace referring to excessive noise and be dealt with accordingly. There is no valid reason for the law to be different regarding hens.

2) People manure has an odor as does the manure of any of the other animals that you can legally posess (dog and cat would rank amongst the worst). The ordinance will only allow 2-4 hens and is relative to the size of the property.  That number of hens would not produce more waste than one large dog. If a property owner did not maintain his/her property by removing the waste of the dog, or by repairing his/her own plumbing wherby an offensive odor wafted into the neighboring properties, that property owner would be subject to a dfifferent ordinance regarding property maintenance. There is no valid reason for the law to be different regarding hens.

3)Garbage has the potential to attract vermin, as does the feed of any of the other animals that you can legally posess. Ordinances regarding property maintenance already exist that would encompass the improper storage of either garbage or animal feed to the extent that it attracts vermin. There is no valid reason for the law to be different regarding hens. 

4)Our movement has allied with the Poultry Fanciers of Palm Beach County. When we present our final ordinance to the commission we will be accompanied by the Poultry Fanciers, who will provide fact-based, expert information regarding communicable chicken diseases. A layperson's interpretation of that information is that one would need to be breathing the fumes of chicken manure from within a confined, unventillated space in order for their to be any risk. We would not recommend that chickens be housed in that way and we would not recommend that chickens be kept inside the home. In a University of New Mexico study of 25 US cities who have adopted urban-chicken ordinances, there were no reports of chicken owners contracting poultry-born ilnesses.

There are a number of excellent reasons to allow hens in Lake Worth: food security, nutrition, and childhood education to name a few. There appears to be no valid reason to disallow hens and the oppositional argument seems more stigma-based than fact-based. Whether you want hens of your own, you want a local supply of fresh eggs, or you support an individual's right to produce his/her own food then please ask the City Commission of Lake Worth, Florida to allow backyard hens.


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This petition was created to show a quantum of support for an ordinance that would allow the residents of Lake Worth Florida the right to keep a small number of chicken hens in their backyards. With growing concerns over the multitude of salmonella outbreaks in the nation's egg supply and the inefficacy of the systems that were created to regulate food production and safety, it should be an individual's right to provide one's self and family with food that is both safe and nutritious. It has become increasingly more apparent that the responsibility of monitoring food safety should be that of the people ingesting the food, not of a corporation that profits from food sales. Thus, people should have the right to produce their own food. Remember our inalienable rights, "Life, liberty, and..."? You can't have life without food. So why have we as Americans handed this right over to a corporate-driven farming industry and ILLEGALIZED individual food production?

Many US cities have revisited and changed these laws. Here in Florida urban-chicken ordinances have passed in Sarasota, Tampa, and St. Petersburg. The same is true for New York, NY, Chicago, IL, and Seattle, WA. Did you know that in Seattle you can keep up to three chickens on the terrace of a condominium? When I think of Seattle, I think of a clean, modern city where educated people seek to reside: not the dirty, noisy chaos that dissidents of chicken ordinances seem to predict.

So, why not Lake Worth, Florida? I know that our diverse population includes people who are concerned about the nutrition of the food that they eat. I know that it includes parents who are concerned about the safety of the food that their children are eating. There are families who would like to relieve their economic burden by having the right to produce their own food and there are many of us who come from cultures where this right is still "inalienable."

While the idea of farming is reminiscent of America's past, the concept of urban hens is both contemporary and progressive. This ordinance would not only give people control over the quality of their own lives, but it could even bring new industry and new life to the city of Lake Worth: a city in desperate need of both. Please sign this petition in support of allowing hens on the residential properties of Lake Worth.

Thank you for your time

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