Lake Simcoe: Stop the disaster of dumping sediment into our lake.

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SOS Beaverton is a group of concerned citizens who want to protect the health of Lake Simcoe now and for future generations.

We want to stop the ongoing dumping of sediment and chemicals into Lake Simcoe.  Asian vegetable farming on the east shores of Lake Simcoe north of Beaverton by a farming conglomerate take up to 18 million litres of water a day from the lake for irrigation purposes.  These types of crops are grown in saturated soils which is known as muck farming.  The irrigation water then returns to the lake bringing sediment, fertilizers and other chemicals with it.  Resulting large brown plumes affect the health of the lake.  Fisheries, recreational water users, beaches, and water supply are all being drastically and negatively affected by this blatant dumping into our lake.  Support us by signing this petition to revoke their permits to pump up to 18 MILLION LITRES OF WATER PER DAY from the lake!

Petition:  We are currently petitioning the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to revoke water permits, and the Ontario Attorney General to enforce the Ontario Water Resources Act.