Open the outdoor movie theater

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As we all know the McHenry Outdoor theater was set to open May 1st, and as of Thursday April 23rd we were notified that was no longer happening. Even after they had made arrangements to protect secure and keep sanitized all areas including providing toilet seat covers for any person needing to use the bathroom. The guidelines were strict, and kept the social distancing rules, including distancing vehicles. Today, as of April 23rd, they announced the golf courses have recieved a green light to open on the 1st. Having said that, i feel it is extremely unfair to block the opening of the local outdoor theater and open the golf courses. So here it is, im starting a petition to get the green light back on for the McHenry Outdoor Movie Theater to be able to open. Give familys a chance to get out of the house safely, be able to watch a movie, even get rid of some of that cabin fever i know we are all feeling. How can watching a movie in your car be less safe then golfing with your buddies? From one neighbor to another help me by signing. There has to be someone out there that will listen.