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Stop imprisoning animals!

The animals under the care of Lagoon Amusement Park (Farmington, UT) look sickly and unhealthy. Lagoon provides plenty of amusement with rides, games, etc without having to imprison animals for entertainment of humans.

(photo reference) Spotted recently at Lagoon.. kangaroo laying lifelessly on its back... when a witness asked the worker what was going on he got the kangaroo up to walk (not hop) around the yard and the animal looked to be in pain. The year prior one witness saw kids throwing rocks and screaming at the white tigers.

**See USDA Animal Welfare Act Violation reports here:

Other occurences from whistleblowers: 

* The conductor of the Wild Kingdom Train blew hot steam into Tippy-the-bears face resulting in second degree burns.
* Children throw rocks and other trash at the animals.

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Phone: (801) 451-8060


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