LADOT: Stop prioritizing drivers over pedestrians on Spring & Main

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LADOT recently completed its Spring & Main Forward project in Downtown L.A., but confusingly gives priority green turn arrows for left-turning drivers while pedestrians and people on bikes are forced to wait. This is unnecessary, counter-intuitive, and dangerous for people who are walking or biking on the street: they get a red "Don't Walk" sign when adjacent straight traffic and pedestrians on the other side of the street get green lights.

Downtown Los Angeles residents, workers, and stakeholders want a pedestrian-friendly space that enables them to get around quickly and safely. There is no good reason to continue to prioritize the convenience of turning drivers over those who are traveling on foot, by wheelchairs, in strollers, on bikes, on skateboards, and on scooters. How can we move forward when LADOT is literally putting drivers first—and pedestrians last—on what are supposed to be our most pedestrian- and bike-friendly streets in all of Los Angeles?

We demand that LADOT fix this dangerous and unnecessary situation by giving pedestrians and people on bikes green lights FIRST. Left turning drivers on these two streets can wait a few seconds and turn after pedestrians and people on bikes get on their way.