Bring protected bike lanes to San Vicente!

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Support LADOT's effort to make San Vicente safer for all users  by introducing a parking-protected bike lane! The proposal will reduce reckless speeding (there has been lots of drag racing on San Vicente recently) and improve safety for people on bikes, walking, and driving by repurposing one vehicle traffic lane to a parking-protected bike lane. Despite the City’s ‘Vision Zero’ goal to achieve zero pedestrian deaths by 2025, deadly accidents have climbed as high as 134 per year in 2019. It’s clear LA needs strong and immediate intervention. The city’s own data shows that San Vicente doesn’t need three lanes in each direction to handle the daily vehicle traffic flow; with two lanes, San Vicente would be just like other streets in the area (Pico, La Brea, etc). 

The City's 2035 Mobility Plan includes a protected bike lane on San Vicente and was based on extensive community outreach. As the City will repave the street between Fairfax and La Brea anyway, this is the perfect time to inexpensively implement this plan and improve safety for all road users while reducing pollution at the same time. We also need a non-car way to safely get to/from the new Purple Line stations that will be opening soon!

These lanes also have benefits beyond biking. For example, they: 

  • Ensure that sidewalks remain a space for pedestrians, especially elderly residents and people with small children who are at highest risk from clashes with bikes on the sidewalk
  • Create safe space for kids and dramatically reduce the possibility of drivers hitting pedestrians.
  • Promote safety and comfort by reducing street crossing time for pedestrians, especially the elderly.
    Encourage our neighbors to be outside safely, and increase eyes on the street to promote safety at night

During the Covid pandemic, we've seen bike usage explode in Los Angeles and all over the country. Let's keep this climate-friendly momentum going by helping create a safe space for riders!