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Lackawanna Mayor & City Council Members: Fred Grasso needs to be permanently relieved of his duty as animal control officer.


On June 10 2008, Frederick Grasso, acting as an animal control officer of the City of Lackawanna in Buffalo NY, chose to shoot a mother cat and two of her kittens rather than employ humane methods to capture them. Eight months later, West Seneca, NY judge Richard B. Scott ruled that Grasso had "not broken any law" when he gunned down the mother cat and her kittens. Grasso is still employed by the City of Lackawanna as an animal control officer.

Members of a community expect an individual entrusted with the responsibilities of animal control to have the requisite knowledge and expertise to appropriately and humanely deal with animals. Grasso has demonstrated that he has none of these qualities, yet he continues to work as the animal control officer for the City of Lackawanna. His actions do not represent the will or interests of the people and are an embarrassment to Buffalo. Grasso should never be allowed to own or work with animals ever again, but least of all should he be allowed to keep the position of animal control officer.
This petition is for Grasso to be removed from office, without pay or benefit.

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  • Governor
    Andrew Cuomo
  • 3rd Ward Councilman
    Joe Jerge
  • 2nd Ward Councilwoman
    Annette Iafallo

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