Improve Vegan Options at SUNY New Paltz

Improve Vegan Options at SUNY New Paltz

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SUNY New Paltz Sodexo Dinning Services

Why this petition matters

Started by Nikki Ross

I am beyond angry at the fact that I have to even make this petition. When I first toured SUNY New Paltz in 2019, I was told that there would be lots of vegan options around campus. When I  began attending this college, I quickly realized the options were not up to par. 

This University REQUIRES a mandatory $2,000 meal plan for anyone who lives on campus. A meal plan that does not have any plant based protein options. 

Our campus has 2 different meal options, the dinning hall and a retail menu. At the dinning hall it is rare for there to be a vegan protein option, I only see carbohydrates. Same with the options at the atrium. Sometimes I am even unsure if my food is actually vegan.

I have contacted New Paltz twice about this, and I get minimal answers and NO CHANGE. 

Recently, New Paltz added one vegan option, Beyond Meat Chicken Tenders. They then announced that this option would only be temporary? 

I am at the point where I have to buy food off campus, and eat out often to SURVIVE. This is totally unethical, considering I am not the only vegan, or vegetarian at this University. 

752 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!