Stop The Banning Of Large Constrictors

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Stop The Banning Of Large Constrictors

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Mia Mckelvey started this petition to Laceys Law

The Lacey Act, or the Injurious Wildlife Act, is a law that was passed a few years back in the United states that outlaws transportation and sale of certain animals listed in the law as dangerous. And thus making it illegal to sell or transport them across state lines, basically confining them to the state they are in.

The problem is that the law arose from the issue in the everglades with the Burmese pythons ((which was blown greatly out of proportion by the media, so basically the government overreacted and banned 4 species initially. The Burmese python, yellow anaconda, and 2 species of African rock pythons.)) Now, since it is a law, they are trying to ((or rather are going to)) add more species to the list every year. The species that are most likely going on the list this year are retics, and the rest of the anaconda. 

The law itself was said to be a “precaution” against the everglades problem with the Burmese pythons, but its blown into a whole issue where people want to add every species of reptile to the list because many people don’t agree with owning any reptiles at all.

I am also really scared for all the large snakes that owners can no longer afford to care for if this ban just killed their business? There were some big breeders with these snakes, and they are not cheap to care for… I feel so bad for all these poor keepers and animals.

It really doesn’t make any sense to me why they would be fighting a huge (and growing) industry that many people rely on for income, especially since they’re not using any kind of science or logic in their efforts to dismantle it. The completely baseless fears of a few ill-informed legislators are going to cost thousands of people their jobs. (Not to mention the lives of any animals that can no longer be kept as pets, or simply can’t be sent to a perfectly suitable home across state lines. But these people don’t care about the animals.)

The fact of the matter is that the people vying for more animals to be added to the Lacey act are doing just as you said. They are not basing their reasons on any kind of scientific or or even logical reasoning. They are doing this becasue they don’t understand these animals, and believe them all to be dangerous. 

I mean, species are being added to “protect native wildlife” and while there are places in the US that this can easily apply to ((everglades specifically)) the rest of the country is now suffering because these people someone believe that a retic can overwinter in Minnesota. They think these animals are super adaptable and can live through anything. They are so ill-informed that is not even funny anymore, its sad. And unfortunately these are the same people that will plug their ears and ignore the truth even if you hit them with it.

I dread the future too, as I am sure they will eventually try to come for the rest of the pythons and boas.

So TL:DR the lacey act is basically going to end up fucking the reptile keeping hobby and if its not stopped it very well may eventually be illegal to have a reptile as a pet in the United states.

You can donate directly to USARK with the link above.

USARK has been actively engaged in executing an aggressive legislative strategy and building a legal framework to mount a challenge to defend and protect your rights. We must begin building a legal defense fund immediately to support this legal challenge.

  • To sum this up as neatly as possible for people who might not live in the US or just aren’t following US laws regarding snakes:
  • -As a prologue, the Lacey Act was initially to prevent birds being killed en masse for their feathers as hat decoration in 1900.
  • -There is a problem with burmese pythons being invasive to the lower few counties of the state of Florida. To be clear, there’s alot of invasives in that area.
  • -Big snakes are scary, so the burmese python became the public face of invasive animals. Anti-pet groups (primarily HSUS) used this leverage to try punishing snake owners and getting snakes banned, conveniently ignoring that most caught pythons are related to a hurricane incident 23 years ago and not pet owners.
  • -Despite complaints from owners to herpetologists, several species including burmese pythons were banned from import or crossing state lines as invasive to the entire US (this is pretty laughable to anyone with a basic knowledge of these animals). This is back in 2012. Not all of the species initially listed were banned, so it was ‘partially enacted’.
  • -USARK has been fighting this with a lawsuit on behalf of reptile owners.
  • -Now, as a ‘rule finalization’, more of the reptiles on the list are banned. This is a continuation of what happened in 2012.

We cannot let this happen.

I just thought of something brilliant. You know how facebook does that Trending thing with the arrow when too many people are tagging one thing? We can do that with everything we post for the next week with a particular hashtag to bring attention to laceys law.


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This petition had 2,464 supporters

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