Lacey Act Amendment Going to Senate in Weeks!- Bad for Birds!

Lacey Act Amendment Going to Senate in Weeks!- Bad for Birds!

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Why this petition matters

Dear Senator:


I am lover of Parrots and support Legislative Rights for Parrot’s work in promoting parrot welfare. We support birds and partner with others who are doing good for the sake of parrots.  It has been brought to our attention that there is a bill called American Competes Act of 2022 ( H. R 4521)  in which the Lacey Act (16 USC 3371 - 3378 ) was dog eared . In this 2,915 page bill, there is a very tiny section about the Lacey Act, attached below.   H.R. 4521 expansion of the Lacey Act would only protect rights of domesticated pets, defined as dogs and cats, and traditional farm animals.  

 This expansion of  the Lacey Act states that birds will not be able to travel across state lines and could deny ownership all together.  This would create a major impact on bird owners, rescues, sanctuaries, military veterans, businesses, and others. How this could expansion cause serious harm to birds?

1.     You won't be able to take in birds outside your state, whether it's from a person in need of help or another rescue.

2.     Owners’ wills designating where the parrot(s) should go after death would be denied based on having to cross state lines to get to their new homes.

3.      Military personnel will be highly impacted due to their moving to new station points from base to base and required to relinquish their parrot. It is important to know that parrots have been used as emotional support for military personnel, so the having to relinquish could have serious emotional impacts.

4.     A limited number of veterinarians are avian specialist; therefore, is it not uncommon for owners, rescues, and sanctuaries to travel to other states to get appropriate care for their parrot.  Moreover, when there is an emergency or specialized surgery required that are only done by one or two avian veterinarians in the country.

5.     In case of natural disasters such as fire, flooding, tornadoes , hurricanes, etc. in which individuals are told to evacuate their homes, they may have to cross state lines to get to safety and shelter. Since the Lacey allows no exception should these individuals be required to leave their animal behind to die or face criminal charges?

6.     It is common for rescues and sanctuaries to do fundraisesrs to help provide for those in care or for medical procedural needs for the well being of the parrot. Some of these events occur at bird fairs,educational presentations, school functions etc that may require them to cross state lines. This would deny funding for the rescues that rely on the income for survival. 

7.     This bill is about commerce and the United States competing in the global market. However, allowing the expansion of the Lacey Act would shut down an entire pet industry that revolves not only around parrots, but other exotic pets such as sugar gliders, hamsters, ferrets, turtles, and pot bellied pigs.  

8.     The expansion of Lacey Act could lead to unscientifically, prejudicial placement of animals including some parrots on to the white papers and becoming unable to own. We already have proof of this type of banning. Quaker (monk) parakeets have been banned or restricted in ownership based on a lie regarding the destruction of crops in Argentina, which has long ago been debunked, but is used as the basis of the ban.


            The chances this bill will pass is great as it is dog eared into a bill that promotes technology and economic growth among other beneficial social programs.  We ask you to stand up for these endangered companion pets, owners, rescues, sanctuaries and the parrot business community. Senator, I along with Legislative Right for Parrots implores you to vote nay on this bill, because this IS WHAT needs to be done, for the sake of birds ! 

            Legislative Right for Parrots is non-partisan 501(c)(3), and we will support or go against any party or politician that harms parrots.  Legislative Right for Parrots is registered in NV but we work in numerous states, Canada, UK, and Spain to help support the welfare of birds.


Thank you,

6,704 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!