Vote of confidence in Jeremy Corbyn

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We, Labour Party Members and Supporters, have full confidence in the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. We recognise he is the target of a relentless smear campaign, orchestrated by the wealthy establishment who do not want a socialist Labour government. Jeremy Corbyn is not perfect, no one is, but he is the perfect person to lead us into government. He is a man of principle, honour and integrity who abhors all forms of inequality, racism and Antisemitism. To suggest he wants the Labour party to be a party that ignores or even encourages Antisemitism, is ridiculous!

Ordinary people are desperate for positive change and Jeremy Corbyn will deliver that change. Under his leadership, we had the biggest swing in vote share in a General Election since 1945. Over Brexit, he has chartered the party through choppy waters, managing to keep a divided membership, relatively united. That is also his aim for our divided nation.

We won't be bullied by wealthy insular, members of the establishment. If they have no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, they have no confidence in the hundreds of thousands of Labour members who support him and the millions of Labour voters who want him to be the next Prime Minister.


We want to express our full solidarity to Jeremy Corbyn and thank him for standing strong and giving us hope.