Stop the rise of NZ petrol prices

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As most people are aware, increased fuel prices are sweeping across the country. The increases have been hitting hard in the pockets of all Kiwis, both middle and low income families will be affected by these increases.

People will be forced to use public transport but with fuel prices continuing to increase, public transport prices will also be on the rise.

With the increases only getting higher we are forced to abandon our vehicles because soon gas will be out of reach for most homes. Petrol price increases are going to have a lot of negitave affects on our people. Poverty will be on the rise again, as families will need to go without basic necessities so they can afford these new petrol prices. 

On the negative side, we are seeing more petrol drive-offs. We did not commonly use to see them, but now with the rocketing petrol prices people can not afford to pay for it.

$3 per litre is our goverments long term goal and this is not acceptable!

We as Kiwis refuse to ignore the NZ fuel price increase and will not be robbed of our incomes! Stand with us today stop the rise of fuel prices. SIGN