236 Engineer's terminated on the occasion of Diwali by well known ZFI ltd MNC Company

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236 families have lost their source of income. Help them to fight  for their rights. 

# ZF Spoils Diwali #

262 employees have been working with  ZF Steering Gear India Ltd, Vadhu bk , Pune for the past 04-28 years. These employees have been facing discrimination from the top management for the last 04-28 years. Discriminatory treatment was meted out regarding issues like salary, increments, canteen food, uniform, security equipment,  bonus etc. Also they were terminated time and gain without giving satisfactory explanation. Hence an independent union, ZF Steering Employee’s Union was formed on 17/07/2017.

The union time and again put forth its demands to the Labour Commissioner but the ZF management never appeared for discussions in the Labour Commissioner office. ZF management did not pay heed to the serious issues of the engineers. On 27/10/2017 12 members and 5 committee members of the ZF Union were suspended without proper process , documentation and rational reasoning. During every interaction between ZF management and the union the management put forth only one solution for all the issues, “dissolve the union”. Since the union wasn’t dissolved, on 27/10/2018, 236 permanent employees were illegally terminated.

All of the 262 members of the union have been working in ZF Steering Gear for the past 04-28 years. These employees now have nowhere to go for help. Their families have been surviving in bare minimum due to lack of income.

This is an earnest request for you to please sign this petition and show your support for the terminated employees. Terminating employees for forming an union is absolute tyranny that must end. 

 They are fighting for their rights,help them by signing this petition!!